The Sustainable Rivers Audit (SRA)

The SRA provides a long-term assessment of stream health in the 23 river valleys of the Murray—Darling Basin and is based on a number of themes including fish, macroinvertebrates and hydrology. The data collected by the SRA is a key input to the Basin Plan and other programs of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).
Since 2008, Instream Solutions has been engaged by EPA Victoria as the primary consultant to undertake SRA river health assessments using their RBA methodology. To date we have undertaken sampling at over 280 sites across the Goulburn, Broken, Campaspe, Kiewa, Ovens, Mitta and upper Murray Catchments.

The Victorian Environmental Flows Monitoring and Assessment Program (VEFMAP)

VEFMAP is a state-wide framework setup to evaluate ecosystem responses to environmental flows in eight high-priority regulated rivers. It provides a consistent, scientifically defensible, framework for monitoring responses to environmental flows which will enhance understanding of environmental responses to altered flow regimes.

Sunday Creek Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA)

This Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) of the Sunday and Dry Creek catchments examined values, threats and knowledge gaps in relation to water quality management within the system. Through a risk prioritisation process, the major knowledge gap identified was a more extensive data set of macroinvertebrate assemblages within the creek systems.
Instream Solutions was engaged by Karoo Consulting to design and implement a targeted macroinvertebrate monitoring program and provide expert advice on threats to the Sunday Creek and its tributaries.